Our Commercial Washroom Products

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Armitage Shanks' sanitaryware and fittings are designed to meet the rigorous demands of today's commercial bathroom and washroom installations. Tailored to the individual needs of each construction sector, they blend striking aesthetics with enhanced durability and combine improved water efficiency with regulatory compliance.

Because every piece has been developed with the performance and legislative demands of the broader commercial market in mind, many products can be used across several different market sectors. This flexibility allows styles to be mixed and matched to create unique bathrooms and washrooms in a spectrum of buildings.

Commercial washrooms inevitably endure higher levels of use and receive rougher treatment than their domestic equivalents. But it's not just the public that treat public washrooms harshly. Rigorous daily cleaning regimes can degrade the finishes of products not designed for commercial environments. Commercial grade durability is vital in delivering a cost effective facility and is built-in to every Armitage Shanks product.